Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Mud Crab Experience, by Rima Darmianto

I’m from Sulawesi in Indonesia. I was born in an small village called Kulisusu. When I was little girl, I liked to play in the mud under the mangrove trees in the ocean. Almost every single day I went with my friends. We were looking for clam and shrimp when I was pinched by mud crab. Owww!! It was terrible. The claws hung onto my thumb. I screamed. It hurt, really hurt. Finally, my friend came to remove them. Then we walked home, I held my right thumb because it was bleeding. When I got home my mother said, "I'm sorry about it, you have to learn how to catch them without getting pinched." (Thanks a lot, Mom!!) After this experience, I knew exactly how to catch mud crab and MORE as well. They're very strong and also dangerous. I'm so glad even though it hurt, but I had so much fun with my friends. So if you plan a trip to mangrove trees, let me know. I'd love to join you. Thanks for reading my story. Have a great day.

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