Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Monologues" by Che'neka Wilson

From the first time we started talking you were so into me. Now that you know me and how I am, you seem like you don't want to be with me and this just seem like you say one thing and then you do another. I'm so confused I feel like I should just let you go, and let me do me, cause I can't deal with this confusion to myself. What more do you want from me? I told you everything about me, and you still don't get it. I feel like you are the one that's confused and moving too fast. This is not the end. I'm just getting started about how you make me feel. About me, you can pick and choose what you want to do but at the end I'm still going to be me. I can't wait too long for you to pick what you want, so. I told you I'm one of a kind, you're not going find no one like me, and that's the bottom line right here and right now, this is who I am; stop waiting and go for it, then again you're just going be waiting to be with that girl and I'm going be gone. This is the reason why I really don't have time to wait an see what I really want. That's why I just don't even have time to pick and choose what I want in a relationship, cause like this, I be single, and don't have time to be messed with. That's the bottom line of how I am inside of me, why pick and choose when you have someone that really wants to be with you? Well that's the end I'm done. Peace, out.

You say I'm addicted to you. I'm not addicted to you because I don't think of you all the time; I don't wanna be around you everyday . I don't wanna be addicted to you because I'm not really into you like you think I am. You say my actions speak louder than my words, but you feel like I'm addicted to you, like you have something on me, but you really don't know me; all you know is my actions speak louder than my words; I say that's all you know about me. I feel like you can read me like a book, but you really don't have the whole story about me like you think you do. I am more than you think I am; this seem so weird an crazy, 'cause you say I'm addicted to you, but you really can't even get a clue about me, 'cause you don't have the whole story. So you need you to find out the whole story about me before you say I'm addicted you, 'cause this is me. What I'm saying about you, what I feel is: YOU are addicted to ME; that's what I'm feeling and thinking. You say I'm addicted?