Monday, October 5, 2009

Diana Mahecha's Story

I was born on a farm in my country, Colombia. At the age of 6 years I started school. I had to walk about two hours from home to school. After school, I went back to do my homework and, after that, I fed the chickens and pigs. Sometimes I had time to play with my younger siblings, but any time that was left was used to help my mom with the house work. I used to play on weekends with my brother around the house, and we both enjoyed climbing the mango and orange trees to eat the fruit. We had a wonderful time enjoying the countryside. One day my father decided to move to the capital in search of better opportunities and a better future for us, and we stayed at home with my Mom.

After a short time, she decided to move to my grandparents' house, to keep them company as they were a little sick and could not do farm work. Two years after, my father returned from the capital to take us with him. When we reached the great city. All of it surprised me since most of what I saw was new. The city had huge buildings and many people. Also it had a lot of cars. That's where I finished my middle school, and soon after my father died. I was fourteen years old and my siblings were younger. It was a very difficult time for us. My mother did not have a job. She had depended on my father. Also we didn’t own a house so we had to pay rent. I had already decided to look for a job to help my mom and my siblings. I got a job at a supermarket where I had the opportunity to finish my studies at night and support my family for 5 years. I graduated from high school at age of eighteen. Two years later, I got another job in a chocolate factory. It was my last job before coming to the United States. I met my present husband through a friend. My husband provided the opportunity coming to this country and have a better future for me and my family. Coming to this country has been a great experience of a lifetime, full of new challenges. I'm studying English at City College where I’ve been learning a lot. Here I've met people from around the world, who have different cultures and languages.

I'm not at all bored with my story and I feel that my life thus far has had a bit of change and adventure.

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