Thursday, October 15, 2009

"My Life Transition" by Aseel Abazid

Damascus, Syria

I was born in Syria. I have nice family. I have one sister and one brother. I lived in an apartment, and I had very nice neighbors. He was a nice boy. We were playing together, talking a lot in the hall way. Suddenly he decided to travel to the USA because his dad and his brother live there. He was thirteen years old when he moved to USA. I didn’t see him until he came back to visit his mother after six years. He visited my brother in our home. I talked to him just few sentences. I was very shy, and he was too. The next year he came to Syria to attend his brother’s wedding. He came with his family to visit my family. They talked to my parents about proposal and engagement. My parents in the beginning refused that idea. They told me I was too young and I’d just finished high school. Besides he was twenty, he hadn’t finished his studies. But after thinking for a long time, my parents agreed. The engagement period was four years. I studied chemistry for four years in the university. He studied computer science, and he started to work. We got married after I graduated. We have been married for one year, and we’re very happy.

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