Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"My Simple but Happy Life," by Berney Lopez

My name is Berny Lopez, I am from Colombia, I have eight brothers and seven sisters. That's a big family. I came to United States in 2005. I worked in construction for four years. On April 23, 2008, I had an accident. My coworker was driving the forklift when he broke a little piece of concrete and hit me in my chest. I fell over metal and inmmediatelly I hurt my back, my neck, head, and my right leg. I went to the hospital. The doctor took X-rays and he brought me medicine. I had two surgeries on my right shoulder, and I had many appointments with a therapist.
So I was lucky I had God's help.

I can't work right now. I hope I'm going to get a new job, probably next year.
My life is simple but I'm happy a lot. Every day I go to school, and then about six pm, I go to church in San Jose. I have many healthy habits because I want to have a good mind and body.

Every day I walk about forty minutes before school, and generally eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. I have allergies and sneeze all the time. I sometimes have a cold and sore throat. I always drink tea with lemon and honey. There are in my family many problems with bronchitis and asthma because when we were children, the climate was terribly hot and humid in our town.

I've been studying English for four semesters. It was very important start. I am happy because now I know more English than last year. I want learn English well for my future and my family's future too.

Thank you, teachers, for your help.

Monday, March 15, 2010

"My Autobiography" by Joanna Hidalgo

Hello, my name is Joanna Hidalgo. I’m from México City. I have been living in San Francisco since October 2009. I am a Video Editor. I select images and sound to create sequences. I work with ideas in a relationship between the author and me. I cut and paste media to create an original masterpiece. I use all my skills when I work, but I love it, and that’s why it’s kind of easy for me. I have been editing since 2004, and I used to spend a lot of time on one piece. Now I’ve become faster and better. I can also create some titles with 3D motion. I love documentary, and I have edited some short pieces. I would like to one day direct one by myself. My biggest goal is to become a professional filmmaker, and be able to perhaps combine both positions. I would also like to use my work to inspire a positive change in this world. In my films I would like to stimulate my viewers to be more conscious of each other and their surroundings.