Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Life's Transition" by Rosie Romero

Hi my name is Rosie. I was born in a small town in Honduras. The town wasn't crowded, it was clean and safe. So all of the children in the town played together outside. I lived in a really big house with my parents, my brothers, and my sister. I was the youngest of the family back then. We had a small ranch, but it was in a different town. Our ranch was really close to this beautiful celestial river. We would go to the ranch every weekend. I loved it with all my heart! We also had a coffee farm, so we were always busy. We had to work very hard, I always remember it. It was a lot of fun for my brothers and I because we would fool around during work time.

My favorite season was summer because we would go to the ranch and swim in the river everyday, even after school ended! So after that I became a teenager. I went to college, and there I met this handsome young man which after a few years became my daughter's father.

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