Thursday, October 15, 2009

"La Muerte" by Juan Lopez-Gutierrez

Dia de los Muertos

Death is the second step from birth to death. Do you think about the death some time in your in your life? If you do, you must be the happiest person in the world. Thinking of "la muerte" is the best way to live life. You learn how to be a loving parent, avoiding danger, and see the difference between right and wrong. In my opinion, we must be prepared for that transition, because nobody knows when or where it is coming. We have to learn how to walk hand in hand with death in this life. The day when we learn those steps, we will see the difference and we are going to say, “Welcome, death, any time.”

I’m Mexican and we have a special day on November Second. On that day, most of the people go to the cemetery. They take flowers to the loved ones who rest in peace. The living remember the dead, and the good times they once had together. Most of the time people talk to each other not realizing that the real conversation is with the soul.
The soul lives in or out of body and never dies and will be eternal in the minds of the ones who love us in life.

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