Friday, February 19, 2010

Salvador Vargas: Distance.

So far, so near, you are from me; so far because distance separates me from you, and so near because you are in my heart.

If distance and time try to persuade me to forget you, they will not succeed because in this instant I am thinking of you.

If distance and time would conspire to separate me from you, conspiracy is my heart for loving you, cherished woman.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Salvador Vargas: A Love Poem

My Treasure

Huge hidden treasure I have for you.

Your eyes can’t see it, and your hands can’t touch it.

Only your heart can feel, and find it.

I have a thousand and one ways that lead you to me.

Thousands, a bit close, but only one will lead you to me.

Take care! Don’t rush the step that you can lose.

If you walk slowly, you might understand.

And if you find my treasure, build a beautiful palace that reigns in it because you will be my Queen

and I will be your King.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"The Roberto Clemente Story" by Ana Maria Alfaro

Roberto was a good sports person. He was a famous person, a humanitarian, and a dreamer. He was a celebrity. But he cared about people, especially the children. Roberto was an excellent baseball player and a good human being. Roberto had a dream to build a Sports City, and he wanted to help the people of Nicaragua, Central America, who suffered an earthquake. He asked for donations door to door and in the radio. He did collect a lot of donations. He also went to the airport to help to load the plane. But he wanted to make sure the supplies reached the victims who needed them. So, he boarded the plane to watch over the supplies. But he never got there because the plane crashed into the sea off the coast of Puerto Rico. They never found him. The world lost a generous and loving man.