Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"My Dream Interpretations" by Nicolas A. Guevara

"The Persistence of Memory" - Salvador Dali

For many years, I have had this kind of dream, almost the same, with little variation over time:

I was in trench warfare, like World War One. But, at the same moment, I saw leaves falling from the branches, dancing in the air, and swimming beautifully. Also, I could hear water running from a stream nearby. These sounds made my body less tense and put me in a better mood. I saw all the plants, animals, the air, the water, and the earth connected and linked together with me. I dug with my bare hands through one of the walls of the trench and found chains of gold. These chains were connected, one with the other. I started to think of who might have hidden this gold and how long it might have been there, hidden behind the walls of this trench. Just then, I started to get nervous about this treasure and my whole body shook.

This dream always came when some bad news occurred in my life. About nine years ago, when I had this dream for the first time, my mother passed away. Then, when the dream came again, I was just saying goodbye for ever to a woman with whom I had had a nice friendship and a deep romantic relationship. The third time this dream happened, about two years ago, my sister passed away. This year, I had the same dream when I lost my daytime job.

I don't consider myself a pessimist at all, but always this dream is accompanied by an event that brings an emotion of great sadness. For other people, this same dream might indicate a state of well being or happiness brought on by the "good life".

When I think about how my dreams predict the future, I remember Joseph from the Bible, the favorite son of Jacob. Because he was the favorite, his brothers were jealous and tried to get rid of him. Joseph ended up in Egypt where he became known as a dream interpreter. He read the Pharoah's dream and predicted seven years of good crops followed by seven years of famine. Because he was a great dream interpreter, he became very powerful and important in Egypt. I think everyone has the potential to see something coming in their dreams, like Joseph.

My personal dream interpretations aside, only God knows what is happening in our sleep. Just wait until after you dream something to see what you are going to deal with in reality.

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