Friday, January 18, 2013

"Ariana" by Che'neka Wilson

We used to be so close to each other
like little kids playing in the sand box.
We would play all day long until the dark time
We would laugh so hard until
our stomachs would hurt so bad inside.

We would share so many things
when we where little kids
like one time those days there were good days
when we were so close together.

We would take silly pictures together
just to be silly the days and months
I'd seen you grow up with me.
We were like apples sitting in a tree

Outside where the rain comes,
that's how it used to be those days,
I watch you from a baby to a kid
Now well I should say a tall kid
'cause you grew so much in my life.

Times got hard not to see you
when I went away.

I never forgot about those days
we laughed and played like we used to be
closer then ever, little kids playing in the sand box,
having a good time.

The days that pass by I'm still missing you
never stop that I love you so much from
the very first time I had seen you into my life.
How I miss the times when

We were so little or should I say I was tall
and you were little the good times
we had together
little kids in the sand box having the time of their life!!!

For my sister Ariana . Love, Che'neka