Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Things of Life" by Cecilia Pelayo

"The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalene" by Rembrandt

I was a single woman living out the United States. I had gone to school for a long time. I had been working in an American factory for four years. The economy of the USA affected us. The company closed and I had to look for another job.

I couldn’t find another job like the one I had before, but I had worked for a long time in my religious community. When I talked to the priest, he offered to me stay at the office and help in different things: as a secretary, as a religion teacher, as general assistant. I accepted for a small payment.

I had had a boyfriend, but not at that time. I met a Mexican-American man and we began going out. He had gotten a job there. He asked me to marry him, I accepted. Our families met them. We got married, and we came to live at USA.

I found myself in the biggest change of my life. I have been working for a livelihood, and so far, I've only had jobs with speakers of Spanish only. Although I’ve studied English, I haven’t felt very confident speaking it.

Actually, now that I’ve come back to school after some years, I’ve seen how the world has changed. Technology is going too fast and a lot of things are different than before, especially in computers. I feel that everything is possible.
I feel now that have risen in my life.

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