Sunday, February 1, 2009

Elisenda Pastó

The Strange Story of My Left Foot

A Surrealist Tale

Yesterday, my left foot decided to take one day off. When I woke up, I felt something strange at the end of my leg. And I saw that my left foot was gone. “He didn't even consider writing me a note!”. I had a lot of things to do. “What I could do now?” I was thinking how to do all my stuff without my left foot. I decided to go to work as always, walking. My work is near where I live. When I arrived at my office, I was so tired because I was jumping all the way until I got to the office. When my boss saw me, he ordered me to leave for home. I got back to my house really really exhaaaaaaaauuuuuuusted.

So, I thought that I needed to get used to my new body, or to do something about it. So, I started to make a model of a new left foot with flour and water. I've never been a good artist, but I did my best. I baked my new left foot, and I was ready to run..ahem..or better not.

At that moment, I was starving and I went to that restaurant, just on the corner. When I tried to put on my shoes, I realized that I made the foot too big! In spite of that, I put on a thick sock and I went to the restaurant. I went out to the street, but someone was hosing it off, and my sock wasn't thick enough to stop the moisture. My new left foot was wet and withered. So, I came back at home starving and angry with my left foot. But I had a BIG surprise when I saw my beloved first left foot waiting for me in the front door. Since then my life took on a new significance. Now, I take more care of my entire body. You never know when some part of it will decide to take a day off.

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