Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alma Elias

Hello. My name is Alma Elias. I was born in El Salvador and grew up in that country. I studied Business Administration in the university . I worked as an auditor in Sherwin Williams Company. I moved to this country when I got married in October 2001. Right now, I have two kids: a boy and a daughter. Mark is six years. He is in first grade. And my daughter Hannaiz is four years old. She is in pre-school. They make my life very happy. In this country, I never worked because I had to take care of my kids. Now, I need to learn English and then I'll get a good job. Well, I work at home every day. I have to clean, cook, and do the laundry. The last seven years have been very hard for me, because my life has been completely different. I pray to God that my life can change when I get job. My husband works as a painter.

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