Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fidel Garcia

Left to Right: Martha Barrios, John Robinson, Fidel Garcia, Rosie Romero

Hi, Mr. Robinson.

I hope you're OK. This is my short story. If my grammar is bad, please let me know because I need to practice my writing more.

My name is Fidel Garcia. I'm from Mexico. Now I live in San Francisco, CA. I'm married, and I have two daughters. My first language is Spanish. When I came to the USA, I had a big problem with language because my English was very poor. Then, I started to study English for a few weeks because I had to learn how to communicate with other people. Nowadays, many things are different. Now, I can speak a little, but I need to improve my speaking. I've been learning English with my teachers. I hope I'm going to learn how to speak and write in English well.

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