Friday, February 6, 2009

Arturo Mocino

Here is another great article from our own literary, film,
and art critic, Arturo Mocino.

The best Coen's movies

By Arturo Mocino

Have you seen "No Country for Old Men"? "The Big Lebowski?" "Burning After Reading?" Well, don't wait any longer because these movies are amazing and very funny, especially "The Big Lebowski", my favorite. These movies were made by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. Joel and Ethan are brothers and Jews and filmmakers, and, of course, readers. "No Country for Old Men" is inspired by a Cormac McCarthy"s novel. Last year this movie received three Oscars: Best director, Best adapted screenplay and supporting actor. The story is simple: Sugar, a Mexican killer played by Javier Barden, had a mission: to recover stolen money. Barden is a silent assassin, very professional and bloody. He crosses the border and finds the money in a little town in Texas. Nobody stops him. Well, it's not true, but you need to see it because I hate to tell the film's ending.

"Burning After Reading" is very different from "No Country for Old Men." It's a movie about spy games. Brad Pitt, George Cloney and John Malkovich fight for top secrets and dark menaces. It's a parody of all fears of American administrations. Again, I can't tell you the end but I promise, it's very ridiculous.

"The Big Lebowski" was filmed around 1998 in Los Angeles. When I lived there a couple years ago, I discovered Coen's movies. This movie is full of jokes because it sketches the madness of LA: passion for bowling, for marijuana, for fighting over nothing, for living unemployed. I recommend you see this movie. Have a good day. See you later alligator!

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