Friday, February 13, 2009

Diego Ruiz Valdez, "Electronically Charged"


Diego is writing! So, you'd better read this!

I am 30 years old, and I was born in Mexico city on August 16, 1979. I am the oldest of two guys. My sister is 25, married, and is about to have a baby in the next few months. I studied at a little elementary school in my neighborhood. The next 6 years, I was in a Catholic school in Mexico D.F. After the big earthquake in 1985, my parents decided to move to Purepero, Michoacán. Then, I studied the next six years of my elementary school in government schools. I attended the Instituto Tecnologico de Morelia. I enrolled there in order to get a degree in Business Administration, but the first passion in my life trapped me, the drunkenness, etc.

My parents got divorced in 1997. Since that time I really have begun to grow. I‘ve been clean since 2000. At that time, I started my own business “Bloquera de Purepero.” That business consisted of making prefabricated concrete. At the same time, I found a new love in my life that really made me stronger than ever, and I am talking about The Electronic Music and its world scene. I discovered this topic in my first electronic party in Monterey, Nuevo Leon. Immediately, during the next 6 months, I organized the first "rave" party in my home town in Michoacan. In 2005, my little business was in the highest size of its history with 4 employees and with sales in the surrounding villages. The local electronic scene was doing very well. I started a radio show and our listeners were composed of 3 nearby cities, and some privileges were given for being a member of the ruling political party. But this big love took me further than I could think “Ibiza”… During the radio show “DANCE ESSENCE, diffusion electro-festiva” I realized that there are a deep and a strong electronic activity in that Balearic island, and I thought that that is the perfect place in which to die.

Now I am here in “the states” (U.S.A.) enjoying of its culture, in the vibrant city of San Francisco in California, a beautiful city. I'm growing in a new life as an English foreign speaker, being educated in a magnificent place: City College of San Francisco. I would say that if THE LANGUAGE LAB of City College didn’t exist, the dream of my life would be a lot more difficult to achieve. Thanks to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, thanks to the wonderful and friendly people of that magical city, my dream is getting closer and closer every god damned day.

Music is my unconditional partner

Music is unconditionally there forever, anytime I want it, any time I need it, any time it needs me, I am going to die for it.

I fell in love in 2000 after the first party in Monterrey, Mexico. The town of Skizzo was the window towards the other side of this universe. I was hooked by the vibrant atmosphere that loud, fine music and unhappy people release when they are fused after midnight. Even though everybody knows we were unhappy, we tried to reach the real happiness at least for that night, no talking much, no posing, no pretending, no synchronized dances, and we did it. The results, only smiles and a real feeling of dancing were there.

This music is the simplest availability. I don’t have to take it out for dinner, I don’t have to be listen to it I don’t need to say anything to it, It will never get old, and it is always in a perfect mood, and the best thing: it never will make me feel bad. The only one thing that I have to do is press the play button. When I realized all that, I couldn’t even believe that it was happening, and why that was happening, and I still don’t understand, how this music was created, not only my music, I am talking about all kinds and styles of music. Everybody agrees this is the XXI century, and the human species has been here for 6000 thousand years, and I don’t think that it has been enough time for humans to catch up to these levels of musical refinement. I think it is too much for these days, I think the music has evolved very much.

I was a former member massman of a band, and we were playing Molotov, Control Machete and Caifanes, and these experience helped me to recognize how difficult and complicated is playing an instrument, a lot hours of practice if it is only a hobby, but when I am talking about an “artist”, I know that there are too many years of study and spiritual refinement, and then I look at the instrument, and the I can’t believe how the human created, instruments that play music, that play that great music, that play energy, that play life.

Now we only press "play" in an mp 3 player,

That’s it!

A Prisoner of this Universe.

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