Monday, March 14, 2011

"Dogs Don't Bite" by Igor Shimolin

It was 11 years ago. Do you know of a country in which women don’t love? I arrived in the USA from Russia 11 years ago. This is my story about how dogs don’t bite, and women don’t love.

It happened one morning after one week living in America. I've liked to run all my life, and it’s very good for your health. I put on my running suit and left from my apartment. During this time, we lived 2 blocks from Golden Gate Park. The weather was so beautiful because, as I know now, we have spring all the time in the city.

After running for fifteen minutes, I was in the field which is very close to the Polo Stadium. I could see many people that liked to run like me but also people with many dogs. They walk dogs and play with them. Now I know that they were not only owners, but also people who walk dogs as a job.

In one moment I saw that maybe 7 dogs ran up to me. I have experience in my country. These dogs want to bite me. I know precisely that I shouldn't run. I need to stand straight and look as large as possible. I did that and began to look at dogs tremblingly. The largest dog ran up to me first and began to lick my hands, and everybody around smiled. At that time I didn't know how to say “Hi” and “Thanks” all the time; however, I was not bitten.

I remember only that after that I was back home and called my friend. He listened to me and then told to me a phrase which I have remembered ever since, "Igor, America it is the country where dogs don't bite, flowers don't smell, women don't love".

Now I know more and more about this great country and can answer him. It’s not true. In this county dogs bite, flowers smell, women love but they do that differently.

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