Sunday, March 13, 2011

"A Holiday in My Country, Eritrea" by Meseret Asmlash

A holiday in my country, Eritrea

I’m from Eritrea which is in the horn of East Africa. We have a religious holiday called “Meskel” which means “cross”. The holiday is about how our ancestors find the holy cross. It is in September.

Early in the morning, we get up and dress up in our traditional clothes (which I like most) and go to church. In the church there is a mass, which lasts for about three hours. After the mass the priest gives a sermon about the holiday. After we are done with the mass and the preaching, we eat some food which had been prepared the day before. We eat our traditional food like injera , hembasha and stew made from chicken and meat.

After we eat, we march downtown. While we are marching the choir sings spiritual songs and leads us downtown. In the downtown area, there is a big bonfire which looks like pyramid. At the top of the bonfire there is a "cross". Then the priest gives another sermon. The choir presents a special song and drama. After that the priest lights the bonfire and everybody sings around the bonfire. Then after the ceremony ends, we visit our family and relatives and make a coffee ceremony in our families house.

I really like this holiday because it tells me how our ancestors struggle to bring the holy cross away from their enemy. Also it makes us worship our God in a special day.

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