Friday, March 11, 2011

"Changing Our Lifestyle and Eating Habits" by Lesther Nunez

"Junk Food Aisle"

The way you live effects the way you eat. Sometimes when people change their lifestyle, they change their eating habits too. For many years, people don’t worry about themselves. They don’t pay attention to the fact that junk food is not healthy. Long time ago people from Greece used to say “healthy mind and a healthy body.”

This is expression has become a true reality in nowadays. For instance , our children are suffering in many ways. First, every time they eat candies, sodas and many kinds of chips, they are hurting their body. For a while they don’t like those things, but then they love them too much and they become addicted. Their addiction sometimes leads to serious illnes. For example, my daughter used to trick me. She does well in her studying and then orders me to reward her work. I asked her what she wanted. She responded by saying she wanted me to buy some candies for her. During past years, I always wondered what little details through time will affect my daughter. One night, she woke up with a lot pain. She was suffering. She felt something in her stomach that was bothering her. When I saw her face , she was panicked. “Please, Dad, would you take me to the hospital?” Right away I got dressed, and drove my car little faster than I used to . I took her to the emergency room then the doctor told me that she needs surgery right away. He said that she had a stone, something that required immediate attention. The injury in her stomach can affect the entire body and brain. I remembered when the nurse came with a bunches of paper work that I need to signed in order the hospital policy the doctor can do his duties. It was a risk. I never thought that my daughter’s life can be in dangerous situation only because I couldn’t advise her before and I felt guilty about that.

Another example, bad habits can take a life away. My uncle Luis who died 3 years ago also, he paid the price. I used to eat any kind of food out. I used to go with him to some different restaurants. He bought food outside on the street. He rarely ate at home. He didn’t like to do exercises. He liked to watch to TV a lot. He didn’t smoke but he loved to eat. He never visited a doctor, but one day he started to feel pain By the time that happened he couldn’ t get up from bed. Finally, a doctor checked on him and told us that my uncle had a cancer, and he had only few days to live. The news impacted our life forever. It was terrible, I still remember my uncle face before he died.

In conclusion, it is good to eat good vegetables and different kind of minerals and proteins for our body. We should practice exercise like yoga, run in the park or just go to the gym. We should have a balanced diet. We need to be careful about what we give to our children. The education and habits must start in our home. We should get information from magazines, internet, libraries, or any other resources. If we practice good habits we may live longer and be healthy.

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