Sunday, March 13, 2011

"My Story" by Ewelina Pazdziemy

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My name is Ewelina, and I come from Poland. I am 19 years old. I used to live in a village in the southern part of Poland. I love my country and the people there. I am proud that I am Polish. I guess that my childhood was nice but a little bit difficult. Before I came to the U.S, I lived with my family of five: My Mom, Dad, brother, my grandma, and I. When I was a kid, I always wanted to do everything by myself. My mom told me many times that I was really a stubborn person, and she did not have any of her strength to change it. I was a quiet but a difficult kid. My brother used to experience the consequences instead of me, although I should have had them.

A view of Krakow Castle, Krakow, Southern Poland
Southern Poland Photos
This photo of Southern Poland is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

At school the teachers gave me a lot of time out. In primary school, I made a friendship with a girl who was born in New York. Her parents were Polish. She was bi-lingual. She spoke English and Polish fluently. She was great. We sat at the same desk for 6 years! When some of these years went by, I told her I noticed that sometimes I do something in exactly the same way she does and vice versa. I loved to observe her ‘American style’. I have always loved the American accent and sometimes when she spoke in English, I listened to her carefully. I know that America has so many accents that for me it is interesting. Today my friend Jessica and I do not keep in touch. That makes me a little bit sad, but I hope that we'll meet somewhere in U.S or where I am living now.

I know that just after being a student in high school, I have to come to California. Through those three years I just was thinking about California and how much I could do there. At that time, I did not have any idea how to come to America. I did not have money. Luckily one day when I had an English class at my friend’s place, she told me about program called Au Pair. I could live with an American family, take of her kids, and study English in an American college. This was good option for me. Now I am happy because I am in California and I live with a wonderful family. I am taking care of one kid, Sydney. I am lucky that I can live in San Francisco and see so many subcultures that for me is amazing as I am involved in one of them. Now I am making so many plans for the future.

A Village in Southern Poland

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