Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kim My Vuong, "My Friend Lien"

Everyone in the world must have a friend. You may have a lot of friends, or you might have only one.

I only have one friend. When I was in high school in my country, I met a friend. Her name is Lien.

She is my closest friend. She and I never argued because she is a very nice person. She speaks very softly.

I often came to her house, and we cooked together.
If we had time, we‘d make a dinner party.

We talked about our life in high school. Later I left my country, and we have never seen each other again.

Sometimes I wrote to her a letter. Now I send an e-mail to her because it’s faster than sending a letter by mail.

I came to The United States and I have met a lot of friends, but I will never forget Lien.

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