Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Poems about Love" by Che'neka Wilson

How I Am

How I am when I'm around you:
I'm so silly and funny.
I'm sweet to you like cotton candy put together.
I feel like when I see you,
I just want you hold me and don't let go and
just hold me in your arms for as long as you can.
You can tell me things I want to know
not what I want to hear
you have a way with with words
you say sweet and nice words
makes me smile all the time.
You can talk to me for hours and
never get tired.
You can say my name and it never gets old to you
I can be myself funny
but you already know how I am when I'm around you.

"The Girl See Her Mom"

The girl see her mom try her best to be the best she can to help her understand.
That life is not easy as you think it is.
The girl see her mom work day and night so she can put food in the house and clothes on her back.
The girl see her mom get treated so bad how people talk to her. The girl try so hard in school to do right.
The girl looks at her mom and said mom, you are doing the best you can to be there for me, helping me see that life is hard.
The girl cry with tears in her eyes with happiness and smile on her face.
The girl said mom you are best mom a kid can ask for.
The girl see her mom with so much hard work she did to be the person she is today.
The girl see her mom with so much love she gives her child every single day.
She said to her child I love you, my child and we are going to be just fine my lovely, little girl.

"Be Real With Me"

Love me for who I am cause if not, if you can't, then you can just walk away and never come back, just like that.
You said that you want to be with me, but then again, I don't know what you want.
I can't read your mind and see what you're thinking.
Tell me something that is special about you.
Tell me things that you never told anyone else.
Let me be there for you when you need me, let me listen what you have to say.
Let me hear what you need to tell me cause I'm here for you.
I want you to be there for me when I need you, too.
I want you to hear what I have to say because I know deep down I care about you and you care about me too.
I feel in my heart I can tell a lot about me, but to me you're holding back. tell me what I need to know not what I want to hear.
Don't just tell me anything so I can just take it.
Oh no, it don't work like that, so be real with me or just leave me alone and don't come near me ever again.

"You Are The Light"

You are the light like the sun.
I am the a star above the moon, no matter where you are, you will be.
I will always have you with me.
You shine so bright like a light in a house with so many colors. I am sweet like honey, you can have me all the time.
You are like a pillow, so soft and nice.
You have a way with words, you say you are so caring to another. You are more than I knew you.
To me you can be sweet like candy and soft like a baby cat.
You are like a book, you are never closed, you are always open minded.
I am always open to you.
I can always be myself when I talk to you.
You can be quiet at times, but when you talk it's like a lot of words you say.
I feel so closer everyday when we talk, what more can I say?
You make me feel like everything is going be okay.
You are so light and smooth like lotion,
You make me feel like everything is going to be all right.
You are something I can hold onto and never let go of this force
that put us together.

"When It's Raining"

When its raining outside, it makes me want to cry thinking back on my past life.
I know that I have to go on to my future and leave my old past life alone.
It's just when its raining outside I be crying cause the things I been through.
I feel when it's not going to rain outside
the sun is out, I get this feeling inside that it's a warm feeling inside my heart.
My time is everything to me with my family because at the end that's all I have to start with.
Time to leave my past old life and live my life right here, and right now, not thinking about nothing else, just me deep down. When its raining outside, I start to cry and this is the main reason why!!!


John Robinson said...

This is, in my opinion, very good writing because there is nothing artificial about it. It comes directly from the heart. It is very refreshing to read this, and it is a pleasure to present this promising young writer here at the New Mission Journal. Modern poets following current fashions with publications and poetry prizes, etc, might well benefit from reading the work of Che'neka Wilson.

Md Amirul Islam said...

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