Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Chinese New Year in GuangZhou" by Yao Liang Lu

Chinese New Year in GuangZhou is interesting. Also, GuangZhou Chinese New Year is a flower festival. Before three days of the new day of New Year, the flower markets are built in some main districts, such as downtown of GuangZhou. Flower markets are open 24 hours per day and end 2am on the first new day of the New Year. The flower markets are amazing. There are many kinds of beautiful flowers are provided for people to choose such as: winter sweet, daffodil, orchid, mandarin orange, miniascape (nature's miniatures). Usually people choose about three or more kind of flowers to decorate their house. The flower markets are crowded; all people including children enjoy buying and negotiating prices with the sellers.

I prefer to buy small or middle mandarin orange, daffodil and other flowers. By law, Chinese have three days of holiday, plus two weekend days, Sunday, Saturday, making a total days of seven. The government of China makes a schedule according to different year's calendars and announces it to the people. Usually the holiday begins the last day of the old year. Some companies make it a 16 day holiday, because the 15th new day is also a lantern with light festival and Chinese lover day in the tradition.

Chinese New Year Lanterns
Many different shapes of lanterns are beautiful and are made to become different style lantern ships. Tree lanterns are exhibited in some parks of GuangZhou. The lantern
lights and lantern covers are very colorful. They shine in the night to decorate every place for a full month. Lots of children with their parents enjoy visiting them.

Also this day is Chinese lover's day, and we can find some descriptions from some poems and folk stories in China. But now the younger generations prefer to choose the West's traditions. They go dating, send gifts, or do some activities for celebrating.

During Chinese New Year time, the 1st day of the New Year is also an important day known as everyone's birth day. So the GuangZhou people always make a big dinner or delicious food to celebrate this special day. Even eating is topic in Chinese New Year holidays. The people enjoy eating and eating but they have special, diet on the first new day without meat. This is a traditional. I love GuanZhou Chinese New Year and I miss it.

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