Sunday, May 6, 2012

"The Bride of California" by Yasmeen al Hbaishy

My name is Yasmeen .I was born in Yemen . I am 28 years old. I finished high school in my country.I studied only one year in college .After that I got married, so I quit my college. I am sad about that, but I have two children now: one boy and one girl. The boy’s name is Mustafa.He is seven years old.He is in first grade now. My girl’s name is Maria. She is almost four. She is in pre school. I love them so much. My children are all my life. When I moved to the .U.S.A with my husband and my son, I had lived in my country for 23 years. In the first year in the U.S.A, I lived in Daly city. I lived there for three years and half, but I hated it so much because it has bad weather. It is always foggy and so cold. So I moved to Pacifica, but I hated that place too. I lived there in a beautiful and a big apartment, but I didn’t find what I wanted. So I decided to visit my country . I went back to my country to see my family and my friends because I missed them so much. I was there for only six months . After that I came back to U.S.A ., but this time I decided to live in San Francisco. Because I knew a lot about it. It is a beautiful place. It has a good weather. It is better than Daly city and Pacifica. It has a comfortable and available transportation. It has a lot of colleges. One of them is Mission Campus . I like everything in it. So I like it so much. I have been in it for one year and four months. It is so nice so nice like sugar and spice. People in it are so kind too. Once a day my uncle told me San Francisco is a Bride of california. When I lived in it, I believed him.

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