Sunday, April 3, 2011

“ My Great Life as Travel Agent “ by Norma Perilla

Today, I want to tell you about my life as a Travel Agent. When I was in high school I wanted to travel around the world. So, I started to study Airlines and Travel Agencies Administration.

After I finished the practice hours, I began to work in the most important travel Agency in Colombia called Aviatur. It has more than two hundred agencies within Colombia.

At the beginning was a little difficult because I was studying and working at the same time. But, after two years I had more experience, and my work was more relaxing. The first job I had to do was to help one hundred people who were traveling to Jamaica for a Sales Convention. It was very hard because I had to resolve every problem with the logistics of the event. Then, I got my American visa and went to Miami for a hotels inspection. Little by little, I got to know Europe, the Caribbean Islands, as well as many countries in South America and North America.

Every time I took vacation, I choose a different place for research. I’ve enjoyed their cultures and gastronomy. The most beautiful place that I’ve known is Greece. It is really fascinating. I think it’s the best place for honeymoon, but, I went for work.

Finally, three years ago, an important airline invited me to Mexico for “Fiestas Patrias “ and there I met my husband. We started to chat and speak every day. Two months later he came to Colombia to visit me. Then I went to Sacramento to visit him, and after two years, he moved to San Francisco for his job, and we decided to get married. I am really happy. I think San Francisco is the best city in the United States. Now I hope to learn English quickly because I’ve realized it is very important to know English well for life and work in the United States.


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