Monday, April 12, 2010

"My Story" by Magdalena Leon

It all began in March 4, 2005 when I had an accident. It was very sad for me, and I was depressed. But one day, I went with my daughter to a mosaic class. I was there with her and the teacher told me to stay in the class, so I stayed to watch how to do the process of mosaic. Later the teacher saw that I was sad and accepted me in her class.

It was only for children when she accepted me in her class. I felt different because I felt relaxed, and I had courage with which I could do new things. Before this, I felt useless because I couldn't do anything, but when I did mosaic I felt like somebody important. Sometimes when I went to mosaic class I had pain in my back and sadness, but when I started my mosaic I made a drawing. Then, I would grab some pieces of glass and started to glue them on top of the board where I drew my drawing. Finally when I was done, I covered it with grout.

When I was doing my mosaic, I felt relaxed. It was like a therapy. Also my mind was relaxed and blank, and I didn't pay any attention to the pain I felt inside me. When I would finish a board of mosaic at first I would see sad, dark colors because of what I felt, and I reflected my sadness in that. I had therapy and in few months I saw a change in my mosaic. Later on, my mosaic had more happy colors, and I was proud of doing something different. My feeling which was sadness in my mosaic changed and there I learned how to live life even if I may have pain. Also, I learned to see things in a different way. I'm proud of telling my story about how I changed my feelings and my mosaic class.

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