Monday, April 5, 2010

"My Autobiography" by Isidro Ramirez

Hi! My name is Isidro Ramirez. I was born in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico. My father's name was Rodrigo Ramirez, and my mother's name was Esperanza Sanchez. I was their second child. I have four brothers and five sisters. I went to elementary school at age 6. My childhood was very nice. I had friends, games, school, and I helped my father on the farm.

When I was thirteen, I went to middle school and began to have problems with physics, chemistry, and mathematics. In the 70s, I worked with my father on his farm. At that time, I learned a lot of things like: how to prepare the field for sowing and how to cultivate different agricultural products. My friends and I went dancing every weekend. I remember the music of Credence Clearwater, Revival, Bee Gees, Beach Boys, and other groups.

Believe it or not, I had a lot of girlfriends. I was a healthy, strong, and handsome young man. I didn't play any instruments, but I could sing. The young ladies always enjoyed it when I sang a "serenade" with a mariachi band. Every guy loves women, doesn't he?

In the eighties, I had a grocery store. I bought and sold groceries. That was my job for years.

My father worked at the farm for many years. He talked a lot about his job because he liked it. He was very kind, but strict. He died in 1993.

My mother didn't work. She stayed home and took care of us. My mother always did special things for our birthdays. She was very gentle and patient. She died three years ago. She was a great mother.

I came to the U.S. a few years ago and began to work for the Columbus Salami Company in South San Francisco. But the factory burned down, so my co-workers and I lost our jobs. I returned to school last semester and I've been taking classes with Mr. Robinson since February. I've been learning a lot.

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