Sunday, January 31, 2010

"What Impresses me About Dr. Martin Luther King" by Flor Monteza

This composition is from a discussion of the question, "What impresses you most about Martin Luther King Junior?" This answer by Flor Monteza was posted at the Facebook Group, "The Mission Language Lab Club."

Martin Luther King Jr. was an African American leader who demonstrated courage, honesty, charisma, and a strong voice to lead and inspire the spirit of segregated people.

First, he had the courage to be the face of millions who claimed freedom ,equality, and respect. To take that virtue he sacrificed his family, life, himself to be the best one.

Secondly, he was honest in his feelings, and his personality was exceptional. He talked with his heart and motivated others to believe in him and to understand that the battle was going to be hard and full of tricks, and violence against them.

But he was a non-violent leader.

Thirdly, his charisma was appealing, and his steps were followed, first by hundreds, then thousands, and then millions. All races marched together beside him as a one community.

And fourthly, as an exceptional speaker, he had the ability to explain convincingly to all kinds of people, with well educated language, strong voice, and passion for just how freedom and dignity could be raised and grow according to his belief.

For All these reasons I believe he was an exceptional leader with the combination of courage, honesty, charisma and speaking ability during those times of segregation and oppression.

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