Monday, May 27, 2013

"This World We Live In" by Che'neka Wilson

Thinking about who I am inside myself, not knowing what to do in this crazy life, in this world to come. Seen things I never seen before, with my own two eyes. Sometimes I wonder what the world is going be like 10 years from now. It is going be the same old thing every time you step outside, people going to be talking about somebody got shot . I'm so tired of hearing the same old thing, like nothing new in this world. Living in a world and how things be happening all the time, going to happen, without even knowing it.

Thinking about myself, and what I'm going to do to live my life, not going to worry about nothing, just me and I. I only have one life so I have to make the best of it, but when its my time to leave this earth, I want to become an angel to help people with their problems that need to be solved. I want to live my life with happiness  and love and respect to myself. I see so many things in my life that I never seen before. What more can I say that I already have not said before hearing about people getting killed?

Is that what life is all about? No, it's not more than seeing things that happen all most every day of this world that I live in, I should say that everybody lives in. Time to live life and be strong and walk tall and stand proud of myself. I don't get how people think that everything is going be alright in this world. You never know whats going happen in this world. I hurt every time I see and hear about somebody gettng killed or things like that.

I don't want to live in a world with hurt and sadness. It's just too much to think about and hear about things that be happening. We live in this world to be here and live our life, but how can we do that when some body is always going around killing people? How can we not be scared when somebody is always going around killing people? When is it going away? I don't think it's going to stop. It's just going to keep going. I wish I could live in a world with not so much killing. I wish I could change the things that go on in this world .

I feel like it's just matter of time when it's too late to stop this killing in this world. What is it going take for a person to stop killing people in this world that don't need to be killed ? I want a life, that's all I want to do, live my life and be happy. We only live one, and we should be able to  live our life for as long as we can, because once you're gone, you won't be coming back, and that's the truth about this life of pain and hurt and sadness of this world that we live in.

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