Sunday, April 15, 2012

"All Things Wise and Wonderful" a book review by Susana Deng

There is a book people would like to read in travel time, leisure time or bedtime, and bringing warmth to heart. I would like to say that is "All things Wise and Wonderful". The first time I read the title, I knew that’s the book I was looking for and I may love.

It was one of  the series of books of stories about animals and their owners  written by James Herriot , who was a creative and wonderful veterinarian , and a great pilot who served in the Royal Air Force, and also a famous writer in Britain. The favorite career must be being a veterinarian in country. Mr. Herriot  had used his many years of experiences as veterinarian from a young age. He was welcomed and respected by people for his superb medical skills, good personality, and sense of humor.
The book tells stories about things that happened between Mr. Herriot and the animals and also their owners  during the early 1900’s in Yorkshire town, North of England. People there were simple and worked hard to their career, even though it was just feeding couples of cows or pigs. They took care of their animals not only they were their livestock but people love them. Life here was  simple and peaceful though the war was almost spread all over world. People  in Yorkshire still enjoyed lush grass , green trees, blooming flowers, singing birds and blue sky, also the lovely animals. It seemed that war had never happened and life had never been so peaceful.
As a veterinarian in town, Mr. Herriot was a very busy person, every case of emergency of the animals may call in at any moment, a sheep was terrible sick or a cow got big problem giving a baby, though it was in midnight,Mr. Herriot had to get up soon and drove to the farm to see the animals. He aways tried his best to take care of the animals and treat them as human beings . Everytime seeing the animals getting well or a new life was coming to the beautiful world , Mr. Herriot was so glad and would to share things to his sweet wife , an important person who had giving a lot of supports and courages to his whole life. But sometimes things couldn’t work, the animal was too sick to get well, or died lacking  needed medicine that was popular right now but hadn’t been invented in that time yet. It made Mr Herriot feel sad and like someone who failed, just like a close friend who was going away. But he had to go out of the sadness as he knew that more animals and the farmers still needed his help.

Mr Herriot was also a nice animal doctor . He understand how important the animals or vets to people in Yorkshire. Some of people were still poor and they couldn’t afford seeing a veterinarian for their animals. Mr. Herriot would see any animal  whether their owner were rich or poor or having no money, The important thing for him is the animal getting well and having a healthy body that . He would like to see a happy face of the owner because he thought that it  may mean much  more to  the owners  than money can say.

The stories were interesting and fresh and warm . I can feel that  how much and how deep Mr. Herriot love the things surrounding by him. I really love the book that I feel I have been there ever.I am planning to read all books of the series “ All things”. The other two are "All thinsg bright and beautiful",and "All Creatures great and small". The attitude to life of Mr.Herriot make me realize that life is what you want to be, just think about it “All things amazing and wonderful."

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