Monday, October 25, 2010

"When I Came to The U.S." by Rosa M. Franco

Berkeley Law School
I was born in El Salvador.

I came to the United States a long time ago. Since I came to this country, I haven’t had time to come to school. When I came here the most important thing was getting a job, which was really hard to find. I remember the first place that I was looking for a job was at a restaurant. When I went to the restaurant and asked for a job, the answer was, "Are you a resident?” when I said "No", they asked, “Do you know how to speak English?” When I said "No", they said "We are looking for someone who speaks English and also has immigration papers."

But I continued looking for job, and after four months, I got a job in a restaurant. The salary was too low, but I worked there for many years. When my children were born, I decided to change my schedule to work at night time because I wanted to take care my three beautiful sons and also I wanted to take them to school. I always explained to my sons that they had to study hard to be accepted in a good university, and they did. They worked hard and got good grades and they were accepted to U.C. Berkeley. Now my older son is a lawyer, and my second boy became an Engineer in computer science, and also my younger boy is studying at Berkeley Law School to become a lawyer too. So it was very hard for me when I came to this country, but now a feel happy that my sons are successful.

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