Thursday, May 13, 2010

"My Story" by Asenaida Escober

My name is Asenaida Escober. I was born in Honduras, and I grew up in a small urban town that was beautiful with fresh weather and a lot of pine trees. My ancestors settled down and established the town. My last name is the last name of most of the people of the town. The small town just has a big school, and two or three preschools, a middle and high school, a health center with three nurses and a doctor, a park and town hall, and recreation center. I remember playing with my relatives and friends in the evening. They were great moments. I have six siblings, and I am the oldest of them. When I had to move to the capital, at first I was scared but later I felt comfortable and enjoyed the city. There, I lived in my uncle's house. I went to the University National Autonomy of Honduras and I studied nursing there. After that, I got a job. A few years later, I decided to come to The United Stated of America, and I ended up in San Francisco. I have a daughter three years old. I leave her on the day care so that I can come to school to improve my English. Every day I spend time reading children's books, such as "Little Toot", and take care of my daughter. She loves the books. She is good at solving puzzles. She likes to listen to music and to dance. She is very smart. I would like to speak clearly and correct my mistakes, but it is taking a lot of time for me. I wish some day my dream will come true and I will feel confident in my ability to speak English.

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