Monday, March 15, 2010

"My Autobiography" by Joanna Hidalgo

Hello, my name is Joanna Hidalgo. I’m from México City. I have been living in San Francisco since October 2009. I am a Video Editor. I select images and sound to create sequences. I work with ideas in a relationship between the author and me. I cut and paste media to create an original masterpiece. I use all my skills when I work, but I love it, and that’s why it’s kind of easy for me. I have been editing since 2004, and I used to spend a lot of time on one piece. Now I’ve become faster and better. I can also create some titles with 3D motion. I love documentary, and I have edited some short pieces. I would like to one day direct one by myself. My biggest goal is to become a professional filmmaker, and be able to perhaps combine both positions. I would also like to use my work to inspire a positive change in this world. In my films I would like to stimulate my viewers to be more conscious of each other and their surroundings.

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